Lilith Shayton

From the first time Lilith Shayton hiked up her skirt to let porn-fans feast their eyes on her big booty, she's been hooked on the filthy fun of making porn. This babe was scouted on the streets of Miami by an industry insider who took one look at her bangin' figure and knew this 18 year old had what it takes to be the Next Big Thing. Her ease in front of the camera comes as no surprise to Lilith's friends, as she's always had a fiery charisma that attracts men's attention. Among a group of hot chicks in her high school notorious for running things and not giving a fuck about rules, Lilith stood out as the alpha babe who owned her sexuality and fucked whoever she wanted. If you haven't seen this starlet bring the heat on-screen, you need to check her out!

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